French World Outreach
Éditions Centre d'Enseignement Biblique


I thank you so much for the small box of books on the Word of God. I am very glad for those books. They help me and help also other brothers and sisters because I keep teaching from them.
Bomaweg, SURINAM

We are very grateful to you for sending the tracts on salvation and the Church. They help us not only to deepen our knowledge of the Truth, but also to convince friends who follow various denominations.

Thank you for this great big gift of beautiful literature! I use it often for the members, in public meetings and with contacts of all kinds.
Saguenay, Quebec

Your kind help has made a big difference in our work and it has had a very big impact in Haiti. Many people use the books and hand them on to other preachers in remote areas. Others copy extensively from the books and finally have something in their hands apart from the Bible. We all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Thank you so much for the French literature! We are hosting our first Bible Retreat for the leaderships of young congregations in Maheba Refugee Camp, in Lubumbashi, Likasi and Kolwezi (Congo). We will distribute all the literature to date then.

I say jambo to you over there in Jesus name. All the lessons are finished! Please send more – they are in high demand. Eastern Congo – Goma – God is using WBS to change them.
Mombasa, KENYA

I look forward to your publications with great joy, so I can pass them on to other people that they may know the true Church of Christ.
Cotonou, BENIN

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